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Help Make The Arc Academy Happen!

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Help Make The Arc Academy Happen!

Alysia Duffey, on behalf of

the arc academy

Alysia is reaching out to the community and supporters to financially assist in building the Children's Ark Academy. This is a campus and not just a childcare facility. It will also include a recreational center for the community and an enclosed outdoor play area. This will be a great establishment!

Alysia Duffey

Alysia has a-lot envisioned for this center campus. She is a working mommy, a single parent and striving to provide her community with what they need the most. She deeply believes that children are the future and enjoys being involved in their life progressions. May God bless you all

Columbia, South Carolina

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    Alysia Duffey

    3 months ago

    My seed in my vision