Help Children Create Upcycled Furniture!

Help Children Create Upcycled Furniture!

It is the young minds of today that will lead us into the future.  Someday, they will be doctors, engineers, Olympians, and have careers we never dreamed would exist.  But today, those minds are dreaming big about how to shape their planet now for the well-being of everyone, tomorrow. Two y... Read More

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It is the young minds of today that will lead us into the future.  Someday, they will be doctors, engineers, Olympians, and have careers we never dreamed would exist.  But today, those minds are dreaming big about how to shape their planet now for the well-being of everyone, tomorrow.

Two years ago, a group of summer camp students, aged 8 to 13, from Lancaster City asked themselves: “What can we do to help our environment?”

They saw serious environmental problems in their own neighborhood in the form of trash – discarded Styrofoam, plastic detergent bottles, cardboard, and glass. They brainstormed with their own families and the other campers about what to do with all this waste. 

And they came up with the answers!
They converted cardboard boxes into picture frames and furniture. They turned Styrofoam into toy airplanes and found baby food jars could become candy dishes.  They transformed detergent bottle lids into flowerpots and used other waste material to make clocks, lamps, and tables. 

And they came up with an idea to allow other kids all over the world to use the same opportunities to convert trash to treasures and make a business for themselves at the same time.

Camp Youth Go green organizers arranged for the kids to meet with a patent attorney to research their invention idea.  They learned about patent documents, the U.S. Patent Office, legal considerations, and the cost of obtaining a patent. 
We paid for two patent attorneys to do research and a marketing department to do its detailed marketability, ruff cost, sales projections, the patent attorneys said that both patent’s utility and design are available for us to apply for a new patent as there is not a single product out there like what we want to do.

And although these kids have the drive, the enthusiasm and the knowledge to make their idea work, they still need your help.

The cost of working with InventHelp $20,000 – way beyond the means of these kids.  By contributing even, a small amount, it could really help these kids work to a brighter future for all of us.

Thank you for your support.

InventHelp is an invention service company they will package our idea, provide a patent referral and help us patent and submit our invention idea to companies who want to receive new ideas. 



They take our invention from the idea in our head to a fully designed and developed consumer product. They build our invention exactly as we envisioned it combined with our design expertise and strategic advice, all using our first-to-market proprietary invention design process and technology.



Their fabrication shop works with materials suppliers, parts vendors, fabricators, and manufacturers to develop a functional prototype(s) of our product. After finishing our prototypes, They work with patent lawyers to protect our product with a strong patent strategy.



They set up manufacturing, their goal is to get our product in front of buyers and ultimately into as many stores as possible. They help us achieve the highest level of success.  They have a whole range of sales and distribution partners, in addition to strategic business guidance.

The cost is $15,000

The upcycled project kit would be made of corrugated cardboard paged and shipped as flat sheets with perforated cutouts of the various pieces. Instructions would be included for assembling the kit, which would be easy to put together (without tools) and would result in a usable product. The upcycled project kit could be offered in different sizes and could also be painted to suit the builder’s taste. For both adults and children, the upcycled project kit would offer an enjoyable and entertaining pastime with a practical result.

Function and Appealing Features

Upcycled project kit is being suggested by Youth Go Green Campers and myself because we believe it would fulfill the need for a three-dimensional cardboard craft kit that would produce usable furniture.


The appealing features of this opportunity would be its entertainment value as a craft, as well as its utility as a finished product. The kit would be put together by people who buy it, whether it is purchased for children or adults. Designed as an interesting fusion of craft and ready-to-assemble furniture, it would be made of corrugated cardboard and would be a usable piece of furniture when completed. The kit would be a wonderful, creative activity for children or adults. Families could put one together as a family fun night activity, or couples could work on it as a date night activity. Putting the table together would provide a sense of accomplishment and the resulting table could be painted, if desired, as a further finishing step.

In addition to appealing to children, families, and others as a fun activity, the upcycled kit could appeal to many consumers as a practical and affordable furniture option. The table could be assembled and disassembled easily, without tools, and would be lightweight yet could bear weight. For parents of young children, university students, young adults, or anyone on a budget or who moves frequently, the kit could provide a viable furniture option. It would also be recyclable, which would appeal to environmentally aware consumers.

Historical Development

Prior to contacting InventHelp, the Youth Go Green Campers, and I identified a need/problem to be solved that prompted us into the invention process. We then conceived the upcycled kit and created a prototype. a prototype, by reason of its visibility and tangibility, makes it easier for anyone who may be interested in the idea to have a clearer understanding of its concept and purpose.  No attempts have been made to manufacture or market the kit. We want to have it patented before we start marketing it


Provisional Patent Application


Cost $699

+$70 Govt Fee*


·         "Patent Pending" Status for 12 Months


·         Cost $890


                                                                 Cost $1,200



Executive Summary
Mission Statement
Company Summary
Start-up Summary
Products / Services
Market Analysis
Competitive Edge
Marketing Strategy
Sales Forecast
Management Summary
Financial Plan
Break-Even Analysis
Profit and Loss
Cash Flow Chart
Balance Sheet



Cash Flow Table
Keys to Success
Web Plan Summary
Strategy & Implementation
Value Proposition
Key Financial Indicators
Monthly year 1 numbers




Future Products / Services
Organizational Chart
Business Ratios
Investment Analysis

There is a company that is going to donate the material we need will cost us $700 to have the material shipped to us and we are predicting 6 shipments for the first year.

The company that is donating material to us told us that the laser will cost us around $10,000. Therefore, $10,000 is the goal of this campaign.

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Help Children Create Upcycled Furniture!

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Help Children Create Upcycled Furniture!

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Nulife @ Handz On Hope

Join us in making a difference in the lives of the young people of Handz On Hope who want to help initiate a change in the way we think of waste and share their knowledge and experience with the world. This project will help them get a start at becoming future leaders and entrepreneurs as well.

Blake Tracy

Blake Tracy is a Business Management major at Millersville University. He is working with Handz On Hope through ENACTUS and Service Learning at Millersville. He has also worked on-site with Handz On Hope and had the pleasure of helping and seeing this organization from the inside.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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