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Abuse and mental health care issues are highlighted as priorities to be addressed within our organization. We believe in empowering women and families with the tools they need to succeed and thrive. The organization wants to ensure that women and families are able to positively contribute to society while flourishing within the community. When a woman flees her home after being a victim of domestic violence, usually, the situation is so detrimental that they have to leave with no shoes on their feet. 1/4 women have been a victim of domestic violence. During and after a domestic abuse experience, women are battling low self esteem, depression, anxiety, self-discovery, and starting over. Women sometimes have no skills or inadequate skills for job placement. This program is unique because it address communication, self-evaluation, education, family stability and safety, and positive mental health with families that have experienced domestic violence. 

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Heels On The Move To Heal

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Heels On The Move To Heal

Kia Davis, Campaign Organizer on behalf of

Heels On The Move To Heal

Please contribute to assist victims and survivors with obtaining clothing, new and used shoes, to set up new bank accounts, to ensure safety and stability, to teach radio broadcasting techniques and basic job training skills.

Kia Davis

Kia Davis- Radio and TV Personality, Founder and President of WeTalk Enterprise, Bachelor of Science in Education (Interdisciplinary Studies), Associate's in Applied Science, Radio Broadcasting Certified.


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