Heal The Individual, Heal The World.


Star Song of Westport WA is a 501(c) 3, recognized by both the State of Washington and the federal IRS.  Read More

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Star Song of Westport WA

is a 501(c) 3, recognized by both the State of Washington and the federal IRS. 

We are curently situated in the Grays Harbor area of Costal Washington. 

This is no different than any other rural area of the USA . Therefore, we have the same social and medical/mental health problems as any small community or larger city including drugs, homelessness, domestic violence and unemployment in an underserved area.  The people here struggle to maintain community and are proud of their area and want a happier life.  They hope for stronger communities, where they can see their children flourish and succeed . 

So what is the differnce between Star Song and other social services organizations? 

The other organizations concentrate on the everyday need of the individual including food, shelter, and putting them in touch with county, state and federal services, such as medical/mental health counseling and changing behavior.

Here, at Star Song of Westport, we see a different cause and solution. 

We use a Shamanic approach that helps individuals look inward and identify the root cause of their issues in a non-judgemental environment. We see the balance between MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Once they can move past this root cause, they can let go of their addiction, anger, fears, etc. We work with people reguardless of gender, sexual identity, religious path, etc. When we know who we are, then we can see light in the darkness we created for ourselves. 

Heal the individual and it will ripple outward to help heal family, community and beyond.

I am seeking donations for supplies and operating costs so that individuals can access our services for free or at a low cost. All donations goe to help others. No Salaries. All staff is volunteer. 

If this approch resonates with your soul, please help us to help others.


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Heal The Individual, Heal The World.

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Heal The Individual, Heal The World.

joseph abbott, Ceann-luiL Pathfinder on behalf of

Star Song of Westport , WA

Because my work has been self-funded, my ability to help others is limited. I am a disabled Navy veteran. Shamanic healing saved my life. Now, help me save the lives of others. Please donate as little as the price of a coffee or a larger donation if you can. Every little bit helps.

joseph abbott

Star Song of Westport, Wash., was conceived by its founder, a disabled Navy veteran. After looking for an alternative to traditional healing modalities, he became an Initiated Ceann-luiL Pathfinder Shaman to work with PTSD veterans and trauma survivors.

westport, Washington

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