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Green B2B Recyclable Website W. Tracking

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Green B2B Recyclable Website W. Tracking

Berith Vange Heinzl, on behalf of


We are kindly asking for a donation to develop a tracking system, enabling companies to ensure that their traded recyclables do not end up in landfills and other places where it does harm to the environment. The system will furthermore supply companies with documentation to present to authorities.

Berith Vange Heinzl

Berith is the CEO of international online recyclable waste trade platform, this platform, developed in 2016, Berith has helped several large waste-handling companies find each other, and produce sustainable solutions to their waste handling.


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  • $5.00

    Andreas Nielsen

    September 05,2020

    I would love to support this purpose because I think it's a great way to impact the environment in a wider perspective