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Grace To Help #NurseCares

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Grace To Help #NurseCares

Eunice Mingo, on behalf of

Greater Works Apostolic Ministry U.C.O.C.

Eunice RN understands that nutrition plays a huge role in providing essential nutrients that enable the body to fight disease & is vital to the healing process. Not having adequate nutrition puts the body at risk for a weakened immune system thus putting an individual at risk for disease infection.

Eunice Mingo

Grace to Help Nurse Cares is an outreach Ministry under Greater Works Apostolic Ministry that provides warm, nutritious home cooked meals to the community every Sunday and Wednesdays. Eunice the Campaign organizer is a Registered Nurse on the frontline and understands that not every one is fortunate enough to have access to warm nutritious meals especially during this Covid 19 disaster era. We provide meals to our community especially areas that are downtrodden and to low income families and seniors who ar

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    Eunice Mingo

    April 09,2020

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