Give Widows & Youth A Fresh Start


We are taking an active role in community engagement by enabling widows and orphans to get involved in community development by providing seminars, workshops and training in the process of healing and restoration through apply... Read More

We are taking an active role in community engagement by enabling widows and orphans to get involved in community development by providing seminars, workshops and training in the process of healing and restoration through applying the practical Word of God (Faith Perspectives), education & training in life and business skills, and Christ-Centered Counselling of the wounded and hopeless.

The state of Uganda shows that 97% of the widows are stripped or left with nothing because of the deadly expenses of AIDS, or the ignorance and greed of their relatives. With the orphans more than half of the population is under the age of 15, and vulnerable to a new wave of HIV/AIDS infection. This is where we want you to join us in helping these women and their children to get back to their original places.

These women when given a chance are ready to move in action. I was there this past winter and witnessed their hardships and high spirit. I decided to start a pig farm. I started with 5 sows and one male. Glory be to God we are moving to better things! I came back here to become their advocate. We need the money to be able to extend our farm to accomodate more pigs, and fund the Widow's Entrepreneurdship Fund and the Youth Scholarship Fund.  

Through the Widow’s Entrepreneurship Fund we are providing platforms for dialogue and training that align a widow’s skills, abilities, interests, and financial needs with entrepreneurial initiatives or employment options created by the program. Join us in restabilising hope and security in families and their communities.

The Scholarship Fund provides an opportunity for an education and the tools required for orphans and street youth to support them and achieve a future of security and stability. Support a bright future for an orphan or youth today.

We started with pigs because they are a great source of income in Uganda. They are also easy to care for and have a great turnover. One pregnant pig is $200. The cost of maintaining a pig a month is $20. In four months that pig will be able to produce approximately 8-10 piglets, and will be able to sustain a family financially.  As we continue in our endeavor to build our own premises. We need your help and support spiritually and financially.

We hope to improve our efforts to do greater things through this project. Please join hands with us so that we can conquer the devastations of poverty, homelessness and iliteracy as help familes rebuild and restore their right to a dignified quality of life. Raise the awareness and the funds to support this project by sharing this cause with your family, friends and commuities. Together we can save the world.  

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Give Widows & Youth A Fresh Start

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Give Widows & Youth A Fresh Start

Christine Balabyekkubo, Campaign Organizer on behalf of

The Youth and Widows of Uganda

Unite with us today in alleviating the cycle of poverty for a family and grant orphans and widows the chance to rebuild and regain financial, physical and spiritual stability. Empower and uplift a widow and her family. Get involved today help build a future for families and their communities,

Christine Balabyekkubo

Pastor Christine Balabyekkubo was born and raised in Uganda, the wife of Late Appostle Deograsias Balabyekkubo who founded Prayer Palace Christian Centre in Kampala, Uganda. She is a mother of eight children. In 1980, she accepted Jesus Christ as he

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