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Gifted Children, Inc.

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Gifted Children, Inc.

Amanda Rodriguez, on behalf of

Gifted Children, Inc

Gifted Children, Inc. needs your help! We are looking to purchase a local farm to help teach our children skills that can never be taught in a classroom. Your donation will truly benefit our community by establishing a natural world environment to learn and grow.

Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda Rodriguez graduated with an Associates of the Arts in Business and a Bachelors in Organizational Management Amanda is passionate about creating a future for all differently-abled children Her personal belief is that we are all unique and should not be labeled by society

Middletown, New York

Recent Donations

  • $50.00

    Jessica Olsen

    January 25,2019

    Good luck!

  • $100.00

    Amanda Rodriguez

    January 05,2019

    I enjoy hearing people who are really passionate about children.

  • $100.00

    John Hussey

    January 05,2019

    Good Luck, Amanda!