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Funding Scholarships To Support Campers

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raised from 16 people

Funding Scholarships To Support Campers

Toni L. Garner, Camp Operator on behalf of

A Summer Camp on Wheels is a two-week summer camp creating a positive learning experience for our local children, especially those from low-income households. Setting us apart from other camps is our pick-up and drop-off service to the child’s home, ensuring all children can participate.

Toni L. Garner

As a small business working with youth, we are inspiring and encouraging.

ASCW Is A Two-Week, Traveling Summer Camp Creating A Fun And Positive Learning Experience For Our Local Children, Especially Those That Come From Low-Income Households. An Attribute Setting Us Apart From Other Camps Is Our Pick-Up And Drop-Off Services To The Child’s Home, Ensuring All Children Have The Opportunity To Participate In The Camp Experience. This Service Is Convenient For Different Family Structures (Single Moms, Grandparents Raising Children, Etc.) And Gives Us The Capability To Travel To Several Locations Throughout The Community To Service Different Neighborhoods.

Lothian, Maryland

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    April 25,2018

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    April 02,2018

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    Toni Simmons

    March 19,2018

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    December 29,2017

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    Rachel Simmons

    December 26,2017

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    Theodore Mosley

    December 20,2017

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    Brian Davis

    December 19,2017

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    Tammy Clooney

    December 17,2017

    This is doing wonderful things for Anne Arundel County.

  • $30.00

    Michael Lane

    December 17,2017

  • $20.00

    Matthew Morris

    December 17,2017

    Donating to a GREAT CAUSE!

  • $15.00

    Stephanie Homontowski

    December 17,2017

    I hope this helps!

  • $20.00

    Tracee Garner

    December 09,2017

    To great things you are doing. Love ❤️ you.

  • $25.00

    sherron Norcome

    December 05,2017

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    Catherine Simmons

    December 02,2017

  • $50.00


    November 18,2017

    I am donating to this camp to invest in our children, families and community. As a parent, I want to care, motivate and inspire by leading by example.

  • $10.00

    tara morris

    November 17,2017