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Funding Scholarships to Support Campers

Toni L. Garner, Camp Operator

on behalf of

A Summer Camp on Wheels, LLC

A Summer Camp on Wheels is a two-week summer camp creating a positive learning experience for our local children, especially those from low-income households. Setting us apart from other camps is our pick-up and drop-off service to the child’s home, ensuring all children can participate.

As a small business working with youth, we are inspiring and encouraging.

Toni L. Garner


Toni Simmons 5 days ago


Anonymous 3 months ago


Rachel Simmons 3 months ago


Theodore Mosley 3 months ago


Brian Davis 3 months ago


Tammy Clooney 3 months ago

This is doing wonderful things for Anne Arundel County.


Michael Lane 3 months ago


Matthew Morris 3 months ago

Donating to a GREAT CAUSE!


Stephanie Homontowski 3 months ago

I hope this helps!


Tracee Garner 4 months ago

To great things you are doing. Love ❤️ you.


sherron Norcome 4 months ago


Catherine Simmons 4 months ago


Anonymous 4 months ago

I am donating to this camp to invest in our children, families and community. As a parent, I want to care, motivate and inspire by leading by example.


tara morris 4 months ago

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