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Fund A Child To Them SUCCEED

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Fund A Child To Them SUCCEED

Margarette Pang, on behalf of

Dyslexia Center of the Pacific, Inc.

We are seeking donations to help more kids that struggle with Dyslexia and ADHD. They will learn to read with less adult assistance, become willing readers as they improve fluency and accuracy, while gaining confidence in reading, writing, and spelling.

Margarette Pang

Mrs. Margarette Pang, a Native Hawaiian woman, overcame her dyslexia, co-founded DCP, along with her daughter Ms. Angel Pang, so that others like her, would not have to go through the humiliation, frustration and shame that she did as a result of her learning disability.

Waipahu, Hawaii

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    rachel pang

    10 months ago

  • $25.00


    10 months ago

    I strongly believe in the Dyslexia Center of the Pacific. What this center does is amazing and not everyone has the ability to get through to these families. I have seen first hand how they change lives for the better. They go beyond helping people overco