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Lucky Eight Brotherhood & Mentoring Profile Founded in 2006. Non-profit in 2014. Mentor Activities and Engagement with over 50 youth during the year. Established community and grassroot partnerships.  Provides Posi... Read More

Lucky Eight Brotherhood & Mentoring Profile

  • Founded in 2006.
  • Non-profit in 2014.
  • Mentor Activities and Engagement with over 50 youth during the year.
  • Established community and grassroot partnerships. 
  • Provides Positive Development as alternative to at-risk and gang-related activity of neighborhoods
  • Offers Presence in the schools and homes for program mentees


See the many good things that the Lucky Eight Brotherhood & Mentoring Program Does in video below.

The Lucky Eight's curriculum seeks funding support to cover the costs associated to the enrichment and development activities that we conduct during the school year and summer.  These costs are:

  • Transportation Costs
  • Paid Tutorial Services during the school year
  • Technology and School Supplies


Lucky Eight's Mission Statement 

The Lucky Eight Brotherhood & Mentoring program is an after school mentoring and enrichment program founded by a group of Coaches that work with youth at "Being Coachable in all areas of their lives". 


Lucky Eight Operations

We meet 2 days per week, engage all participants in enrichment activities and work on mentoring and development of positive results in their Academic, Family and Social lives.  Community Service activities and participation is a vital part of our program development and community partnerships. We conduct recreational activities and provide a USDA nutritional meal daily at dinner time.

Our Lucky Eight Goals

Lucky Eight Goals are to to develop in youth, good character, citizenship and coachable qualities at school, home and in the community.
To reduce at-risk and gang related behavior among participants through recreational outlets and mentoring coaching sessions.
To eliminate the occurrence of academic delinquencies and truancy issues of participants in school through mentor visits and engagement.
To improve academic success by reinforcing effective skills and behaviors in the classroom environment providing homework supervision and tutoring services.

History of the Lucky Eight Brotherhood

Lucky Eight Brotherhood and Mentoring was founded in 2006 in the Southeast Community of Newport News, Virginia by a group of young men and a Coach. This fellowship of youth all shared this single individual that served as a father figure, role model, advisor, care provider and coach. These young men took it upon themselves to band together as a family that supported one another as they progressed through life challenges in their community. In 2002, Deon Harris, a parent, a coach and a product of Newport News, was the coach who embraced the responsibility of nurturing these young men in their day to day lives. In 2006 there were 8 young men that he mentored. 

In 2010, Coach Deon Harris and his coaching staff, agreed to focus their efforts on mentoring and coaching their youth participants year round through structured mentoring activities. In 2014, the program became official and incorporated, operating weekly during the school year and bi-weekly during the summer. In 2015, the program partnered with the C. Waldo Scott Center for HOPE community center for provision of facility and other in-kind services. In 2016, Lucky Eight (8) has grown to be a brotherhood of over 50 youth, males and females, ages ranging from 8 to 18. The organization is driven by a strong focus on the development of good character, sportsmanship, academic success, hard work, community service, respect for others and respect for one's self. Coaches and a few volunteer mentors provide guidance in the program day to day operations and facilitation of activities and events.

Who We Are Today and Who We Hope to Become

The Lucky Eight Brotherhood and Mentoring Program is a program founded upon coaching principles by a group of youth league coaches that serve the city of Newport News, where at-risk youth behavior and gang related violence is at an alarming high. Participants are school age youth from 2nd to 12th grade. Student mentoring occurs weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays with transportation provided for all participants by donated vans. Mentoring activities are facilitated from the C.W. Scott Center for Hope, that provides classrooms for academic and tutoring support, an activity areas for mentor sessions and discussions, a dining area for provision of hot meals and a gymnasium for all recreation activities. During the 2014-15 school year, the program operated from the Peninsula YWCA facility and has now relocated to the more suited, C.W. Scott Center for HOPE of Wickham Avenue, Newport News, VA. Both locations are in the target community we service primarily.

In addition to the weekly activities, mentoring includes weekly to bi-weekly outings and guest speakers, program activities include weekend Community Service events with required participation. Program currently has a Licensed Qualified Mental Health Professional on staff and individuals with degrees in Engineering, Social Work, Education and Early Childhood development. The program extends it engagement into the homes and classrooms of the youth participants with signed contracts from parents. Mentoring staff receives consultation from current educators and social worker offering input to program structure and operations.

We facilitate Community collaborated events with the Police Precinct of the Southeast Community and partners and Monthly Church participation with program partner.


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From Coachable To Successful...

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Please support our Mentor Program by donating to the cost of Dedicated Transportation, Paid Tutorial Services, School & Technology Needs and Enrichment Activities. Visit our YouTube Channel and Facebook to see all that Lucky Eight does to support our youth and community.

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