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Foster Children's Future

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Foster Children's Future

Ryan Kent, on behalf of

Foster Children Who Age Out At 18

I'm asking for just enough to start the non-profit and promote the need for donations because there is going to be so many foster care children who will not be adopted by the age of 18, due to the opioid epidemic, and they need our help.

Ryan Kent

He is currently a student at CCAC north campus in Pittsburgh PA, where he is studying business. He plans to start a non-profit that helps Foster children who are aging out of the system buy their first car, apartment, graduation gifts, and more. Ryan was a ward of the state, and knows how hard it can be without parents to help you pay for the things teens need when they are out on their own for the first time. Ryan also has a gofundme page with the same goal because that is enough to get the non-profit star

Pgh, Pennsylvania

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