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Forging The Path For Tomorrow, Today!

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Forging The Path For Tomorrow, Today!

Erica Graser-Gates, on behalf of

Ms. Wheelchair Arkansas

Ms. Wheelchair Arkansas 2019 has had both the Honor and Privilege of meeting so many Arkansas Residents. The one thing she knows is that Our Community is full of Love. And Our Community is so ready, with a willingness to pay it forward to those Empowering and Lifting Others Up.

Erica Graser-Gates

To Ms. Wheelchair Arkansas 2019, Erica Graser-Gates, Community is Everything She believes in working hard to make a better tomorrow for everyone. Through Advocacy and Education, Ms. Wheelchair Arkansas 2019 strives to ignite in the Community, the Passion of Empowering both Themselves and Others.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

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