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Florida Arts & Drama Project

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Florida Arts & Drama Project

Yolanda Nollie, on behalf of

Radio & Tv Entertainment Networking Event Talent Search LLC

Promoting talented youth wih our partnership with EOD Channel we are not only raising money , for our companies film and video internship program so we can pay our college intern and high school career staff but we are offering them a chance to receive licence agreement to be added to EOD Channel .

Yolanda Nollie

ABOUT YOLANDA NOLLIEIt has never been an easy task combining good physical appearance fitness and beauty but some people have succeeded in overcoming the difficulties they have scaled through all the hurdles successfully without falling and Yolanda is one of themUnlike several other women that sought relevance before knowledge and end up becoming a disaster she sought knowledge through education She has a bachelors degree in Fashion Marketing and Design from American Intercontinental University

Winter Park, Florida

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