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Feeding Hungry, Housing Homeless Vets.

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Feeding Hungry, Housing Homeless Vets.

Damon R. Huffman, on behalf of

Hope Floats For Veterans, Inc.

Before we can help our 1st homeless Veteran we need to put in a septic system, kitchen and bathroom in the learning center. The township requires a septic system. To feed homeless Veterans our Permaculture Food Forest and Community Gardens need tree stock, excavation for swales, and compost for soil remediation.

Damon R. Huffman

Our mission is to feed, house and offer classes teaching marketable skill sets to homeless Veterans. We intend to build floating homes for homeless Veterans on our lake and grow food in our permaculture food forest and community gardens all supported by Veterans.

Clio, Michigan

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    Damon HUFFMAN

    2 months ago

    We support Homeless Veterans.