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Grim Community Outreach, INC

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Feeding For A Cause

Nadine Meekins, on behalf of

Grim Community Outreach, INC

We are asking for any amount that can help feed someone in need. Our Services provided will consist of a healthy meal and educational referrals of all State agencies. We are striving to make a change.

Nadine Meekins

Nadine has been valuable to her nursing staff while being in the nursing field for over 20 years. Her compassion that she has shown towards people has earned her The Values Of Integrity Award from our Hospital and plenty other accolades to go along with just being a genuine person. Feeding the Homeless has always been her 1st priority and giving back to her community has always been her goal. Grim Community Outreach has been Blessed with a GREAT leader and a influential woman.

Charlotte, North Carolina

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