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Feed Mommy & Me

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Feed Mommy & Me

Dvida Shepherd, on behalf of

Feed Mommy & Me INC

Feed Mommy & Me Inc is dedicated and determined to get food into the hands of families in need! Recently operating off of personal funds only over 20 families have been personally fed. And over 50 individual ppl were fed at our last feed in the community. Please Help us get more families fed!

Dvida Shepherd

Dvida Shepherd is the founder of Feed Mommy & Me Inc. the organization was inspired by her daughter Nyjah. Nyjah and some friends organized a drive to feed the homless. The two had no idea that drive would be the start of their very own nonprofit organization. Dvida put in the leg work to make Nyjahs dream come true simultaneously discovering a passion inside of herself.

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    You’re awesome!!

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    So happy to help this cause!