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Feed, Clothe, Educate, Donate!

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Feed, Clothe, Educate, Donate!

Cory Cory Pariseau, on behalf of

CrossRoads World Outreach Ministries

CrossRoads World Outreach Ministries has been providing food and clothing to our many less fortunate members of the community since 2016. Four years later the church is now in a crisis of its own and needs your help in raising money to fund the only program most in the community are familiar with.

Cory Cory Pariseau

CrossRoads World Outreach Ministries is a non-profit organization that thrives on watching the community grow into one large family. Our goal is to continue to feed, clothe and educate the much less fortunate in our community. When CrossRoads leads, the community shall prosper as one.

Columbus, Ohio

Recent Donations

  • $8,900.00


    2 months ago

    Great organization!!

  • $20.00

    Skyler Martin

    2 months ago

    Funding for Easter Baskets. Thank you for continuing to make the holidays special for the kids in these uncertain times ❤️