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Falling Down The Hole Of Despair....

Patricia Field, Campaign Organizer

on behalf of

Patricia L. Field, Ph.D. Psychologist,Psychotherapist

After several difficult years, this has been the worst of my life. I am falling down the hole of despair and need help to escape into the light.  I had previously lost at least half of my money during the  recession and times have continued to be very tough for me.

I'm a Psychotherapist and Psychologist. I practice in Brentwood and help clients deal with stress and conflicts from abusive relationships.

Patricia Field


Mark Brown 1 month ago


Mike Marks 2 months ago

Wishing you a way out of this, Patti. I hope things start to go better. It sounds like you're due for something good.


Jane Lofton 4 months ago


Mark Rad 4 months ago


Judith Aronson 6 months ago


David Foos 6 months ago

Good luck to you, Patty. I hope things turn around.


Steve Wasserman 7 months ago

Would be great to find some services for her.


Gail Gordon 7 months ago


Howard Murray 7 months ago

I'm sorry for your situation and wish you all the best in getting your life back.


Patti Oblath 7 months ago

Wishing you strength to make it through these hard times.


Jamie Keller 7 months ago

I'm glad you reached out. Hope you are back on your feet soon.


Beth Cutler 7 months ago


Beth Cutler 7 months ago


jody briskin 7 months ago

I don't know you, but hope that you are able to recover from this tragic turn of events. I gave what I can. I pray that you will be able to continue to help women in verbally and emotionally abusive relationships.

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