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Every Child Deserves A Chance To Live

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Every Child Deserves A Chance To Live

Kimberly Dudley, on behalf of

The Mommy And Me Initiative

The project is worthy of donations because the funding will go towards hosting baby showers in the community, providing transportation for pregnant mother’s to get to their prenatal appointments/purchase folic acid, and to purchase items (supplies, educational materials, baby items, etc.).

Kimberly Dudley

Kimberly Dudley, who is the Chief Executive Officer CEO of The Mommy And Me Initiative Infant Mortality, 501c3 nonprofit organization implemented and developed the program in 2016. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health in 2012, and received her Master of Public Health on December 1, 2015. She has always had a passion and desire for helping others and truly believes this is the mission and vision that God had sent her on earth to do.

Cleveland, Ohio

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  • $25.00

    Kimberly Dudley

    June 21,2019

    This is a great program that will be successful in making a difference in the community.