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Enviroment Conservation For The Poor

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Enviroment Conservation For The Poor

Marycelina Msuya, on behalf of

Native Africa Foundation

Working hand in hand with communities in remote and disadvantaged areas to ensure their good health, proper and acceptable education, economic development, and sustainable water sources. In Tanzania, countless people live far outside the towns and have no access to medicine or medical treatment.

Marycelina Msuya

Marycelina Msuya MPH, ADp in PHC, Adv. Dip in Nursing Education Dip. In Leadership and Management is a Tanzanian and a long experienced Nurse Midwife.Woked in various departments since 1975. Teaching in Schools of NursingCoordinated the development of BScN Curriculum 1998 and became the first Dean, Faculty of Nursing from 2000. to 2016She has published several papers and a vasr experience in supervision of community rojects See few belowMsuya M.H AIDS information strategies, experiences from Arusha and K

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INTERNATIONAL: Moshi Kilimanjaro , TZ

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    Jane Siegfried

    July 22,2020

    Habari my friend. You do good work.