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Ending Period Poverty Fundraiser

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Ending Period Poverty Fundraiser

Nikita Nicholson, on behalf of

Ladie Business Inc

By donating today you can help end the taboo around menstruation. Women deserve to get through their menstrual cycles with dignity. The usage of rolled-up socks, old rags, restaurant napkins, toilet paper, etc. causes infection and discomfort. With your help, you can make a difference.

Nikita Nicholson

Nikita Nicholson is the Founder & President of Ladie Business Inc. She believes that feminine hygiene products are not a luxury but a necessity. She strives to help homeless and low-income women by providing them with feminine hygiene product kits to give them a sense of dignity and comfort during their menstrual cycle.

Jamaica, New York

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  • $10.00

    Kathleen Laqua

    4 months ago

    Honored to donate towards such a wonderful cause