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Emergency Support To Refugees @ Baja

$160 of $20,000

raised from 3 people

Emergency Support To Refugees @ Baja

hugo castro, on behalf of

Gente Unida

Refugees are suffering at the border. Now, with the pandemic environment , American Organizations have stopped the support to the shelters. Now more than ever, we have to make stronger efforts to support victims of forced migration. I am 100% dedicated to help victims of forced migration.

hugo castro

Migrant Right Activist since 2002 organizer and supported in the past orgs and movements such as Angels without Borders, Border Angels, Embajada Migrante, Deported mothers and families in actions, International Humanitarian Pro Migrant Right Coalition, Undocumented Cafe, and Deported Veterans.


Recent Donations

  • $100.00

    Rhonda Rios Kravitz

    March 18,2020

    This support is critically needed. Immigrant rights are human rights.

  • $10.00

    sherry REMEZ

    March 17,2020


  • $50.00

    Linda Brewer

    March 17,2020

    Been to Matamoros but know TJ is even more desperate.