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Emergency 911 - Action To Save The Urf

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Emergency 911 - Action To Save The Urf

Mahdah Urf, on behalf of


The Mahdah Urf event helps to spread the word about the relevance of the subject matter, Climate Change. The significant heatwave across Europe and the hurricane shocks in the Indian Ocean that have sparked Climate Change protests across the globe is major proof that calls for emergency action

Mahdah Urf

Action to Save the Urf campaign is a component of The Circle of Humanity Inc. that represents one of the earliest recorded peace treaties of antiquity between the indigenous peoples of Hopi, Kikuyu, Tibetan and Swiss nations. The Mahda Urf initiative focus is on the Climate Change agenda

Hollywood, California

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    July 09,2019

    I'm all for educating the masses on the urgency of Climate Change