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Educational Funds For Women Of Uganda

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Educational Funds For Women Of Uganda

Chris Lukolyo, on behalf of


Mission Statement: To provide higher education scholarships and to mentoring to college-level students in Uganda from disadvantaged backgrounds who demonstrate real potential for success, while creating economic opportunities for impoverished women artisans with low levels of educational attainment.

Chris Lukolyo

Chris Lukolyo founded ASSET in 2008 after graduating from the MBA program at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Chris was born in Uganda and after receiving a scholarship to attend graduate school, was inspired to work with others to invest in the education of young Ugandan female professionals.

Recent Donations

  • $200.00

    Georgia Thompson

    November 20,2018

    We highly support education, and in of women who many times are overlooked yet they are half of our world.

  • $100.00

    Stephen McKeon

    November 17,2018

  • $500.00

    51918 McKeon

    November 17,2018

    Looks like a wonderful cause to me!

  • $200.00

    Lisa Steinkamp

    October 25,2018

    Thanks for your continued work on this, Chris!

  • $5.00

    Chris Lukolyo

    October 16,2018

    We are up and live. Barb