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Education For Disadvantaged People

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Education For Disadvantaged People

Lucien Kabeya, on behalf of

Solidarite des Groupes Religieux Culturels pour le development

SDGRCD is a start up organization operating in Johannesburg/South Africa. It needs $150,000.00 to provide transitional housing, food, life skills training, and undocumented individuals. This project is an eighth-step program to develop self-sufficient clients.

Lucien Kabeya

Lucien Kabeya is a chairperson of this organization SDGRCD and he is a civil society member of the Congolese community in South Africa He is a member of the Scientology Church and Winners Tabernacle ChurchJohannesburg I Ngomba Tshibanda Charlene as a secretary of SDGRCD I confirm that Mr Lucien Kabeya has the capacity to lead and change the Congolese community

INTERNATIONAL: Johannesburg , ZA

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