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Educate A Girl, Transform A Community

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Educate A Girl, Transform A Community

Marie Thadal, on behalf of

Itiah Angels for Learning

In Haiti,school is not compulsory. Children attend school when parents can pay. Students miss days of school which impedes their preparedness to take a national exam. Itiah Angels for Learning provides tuition and other basic primary needs to students at risk so they go to school uninterrupted.

Marie Thadal

Marie Thadal was that little girl growing up in Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. She benefited from an opportunity to be educated in America. It transformed her life. In turn, with support of benevolent individuals, positive changes are happening in the poorest communities .


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  • $10.00


    7 months ago

    I agree with your premise that it is essential to provide girls with a solid education and am happy to support Itiah Angels for Learning.

  • $25.00

    Nisha Khan

    October 26,2020

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    Deanna Mulicka-Radio

    October 26,2020

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    Khadija Franklin

    October 26,2020

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    Giorgio Dell'Acqua

    October 23,2020

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    Jeanetta Pierce

    October 22,2020