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Ebola Child Survivors Needing Education

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Ebola Child Survivors Needing Education

Blessing Rogers, Founder and president on behalf of

Hope For Children International Inc.

Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. These children are in dire need of an education and a life of self-sufficiency. Due to the catastrophic event that Ebola was, they were left without parents. They endured trauma. Education is knowledge, and the key to opportunity.

Blessing Rogers

Hope For Children International is a non-governmental organization that provides services for children living in impoverished conditions These children lack a voice are exposed to conflicts homelessness abuse and exploitation

Hope For Children International Inc. is a non-governmental organization whose goal is to help children in need.

Brockton, Massachusetts

Recent Donations

  • $5.00

    Blessing Rogers

    November 27,2018

    These children are like forgotten children and we must all do what we can to stabilize them to normal life

  • $100.00

    Micala Bryan

    March 02,2018

  • $10.00


    February 28,2018

    It's important to support the well-being of a child's education.