Earn a $2,000 College Scholarship

UHelp Pay It Forward College Scholarships

Scholarships to USA College Students for Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns on Behalf of Nonprofits

Scholarships of $2,000 for USA college students who successfully assist a nonprofit organization with a crowdfunding campaign. Students will partner with a qualifying nonprofit to build a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $100,000 for their nonprofit organization.

After identifying a nonprofit, students will create and manage a crowdfunding campaign on The nonprofit must agree to the campaign terms and provide materials for publicizing the campaign. Necessary materials include social media networks of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. and email campaigns.

Scholarship funds will be awarded to students who successfully raise $100,000 through the campaign. The scholarship will be paid directly to the student’s educational institution.  Additionally, there will be intermediary incentive gifts provided by project corporate partners and a $500 bonus for the most successful project.

Please note: If a team of students works together on a successful crowdfunding campaign the $2,000 scholarship will be equally distributed among team members.

Eligible organizations are federal tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofits, as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service Code and verified as such through the Stripe payment processor (after campaign creation).

Students must be accepted, registered, or enrolled at a qualifying college or university.

Three letters are required to be eligible to receive the scholarship:

  1. The student should request the cover letter form from and email the competed form to The cover letter will explain why they personally chose the nonprofit, how the funds raised will serve the organization’s mission and include the name and address of their college or university, 

  2. The nonprofit should request the LOI form from and submit the completed LOI prior to, or within 7 days after the campaign is created on and submittd to GO LIVE.  The LOI is due before July 15, 2017. 

  3. To release the funds to the student's college or university in August 2017, the nonprofit will write a letter on their own stationery and email it to stating that the named student(s) is/are deserving of the entire $2,000 College Scholarship (or a portion of, if more than one student is actively engaged on the Campaign Team) because of their consistent effort throughout the campaign to raise $100,000 for the nonprofit and/or otherdeserving of incentives for lesser amounts (to be announced at a later time). | YouHelp | GWT | Grantwatch | GWI | MWBE