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Durant's MS- Under-served Youth Support

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Durant's MS- Under-served Youth Support

James Williams, on behalf of

Hearts of Compassion Ministry

I am encouraging you to donate to Hearts of Compassion Ministry. Our under-served youth needs the support. Youth without the proper education may fall victim to the poverty system, which in turns leads to crime and time spent in the criminal justice system. Our after-school program is a benefit.

James Williams

James was born in a low-income family, so he realizes it takes more than education to have passion for a great cause. James created Hearts of Compassion Ministry to help benefit the under-served youth and elderly of Durant, MS. His goal is to reach all the under-served in Holmes County, MS.

Durant, Mississippi

Recent Donations

  • $5.00

    Jakeria Williams

    September 16,2020

    I believe all youth should have an opportunity to succeed in life.