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Donating Will Save Cats & Kittens Lives

$40 of $50,000

raised from 3 people

Donating Will Save Cats & Kittens Lives

Joseph Lipari, on behalf of

Brookhaven Animal Rescue Alliance Ltd

There are 10,000 of cat colonies in many areas, where overpopulation is out of control and a program like Trap, Neuter, Release works in controlling cat colony overpopulation. By reducing the birth rate of kittens you control the size of the cat colony. Better of cat control then euthanasia.

Joseph Lipari

Mr. Lipari has been involved with saving cats and kittens since 2008 to 2018 with great success in rescuing of the feline pets. Also has a diploma as a Vet Assistant

Medford, New York

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  • $10.00

    Kathleen Lipari

    April 17,2018

    Kitten adoption

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    Joseph Lipari

    April 03,2018

    My donation to the rescue

  • $10.00

    Joseph Lipari

    March 23,2018