Doing This For My Children, MY LOVES


I am a single-mother going through a very rough divorce and custody battle. I thought I had a friend who was helping my girls and I, but after two months of living with him, I had to quit my job and be a stay-at-home mom, because my so called "friend" ended up being obsessed with... Read More

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I am a single-mother going through a very rough divorce and custody battle. I thought I had a friend who was helping my girls and I, but after two months of living with him, I had to quit my job and be a stay-at-home mom, because my so called "friend" ended up being obsessed with me and turning into an alcoholic who takes pills while drinking. Things began slowly spiraling out of control. I wasn't allowed to work or see my boyfriend. No men or women were allowed inside the house. A tracking device was put on my vehicle and he knew every move I made, everyone's address I went to, and even stalked me while I was driving to show me that he knew exactly where I was. Honestly, I wish I could say that was the worst of it all, but it isn't. August 11, 2018, became my worst nightmare. He had gone to a birthday party that day. He was dropped off by someone because he was too drunk to drive. He then pounded on my door and told me he needed me to take him back to the party for his wallet and that it was the worst day of his life and he wanted to either fight someone or die. I took him there, and came back. After dinner, though, it was all a mess. He could barely stand or talk straight and just was talking all kinds of nonsense as usual when he drinks and takes pills. He went to the American Legion, but was thrown out and he called me for a ride (here is where it gets extremely upsetting for me). I picked him up from the Legion and he was in there alread trying to fight someone. I got him to the truck and was heading home when he told me to take him to this other bar. I already knew he was past his limit, but with my ptsd and anxiety there was no way I was arguing with him trapped inside a vehicle. I was already shaking. All he kept talking about was fighting someone and wanting to die and being a master of all masters. i just wanted him out of the truck. I pulled up to the bar for him to get out, but he hesitated, and then grabbed my face and tried shoving his tongue down my throat. I shoved him away. He then grabbed me and tried kissing my neck and chest. This guy was supposed to be my friend. He made me a promise he'd never do anything like that. I am a young mother. He is a 51-year-old man. He goes around introducing me as a daughter, it completely triggered my ptsd. i have childhood trauma. After I dropped him off at the bar, i went straight to my boyfriend. I was so upset and in tears and just numb. I was in panic mode. Not long after that, I got a call to come home because the guy wanted his phone. little did I know what I was in for when I got there. I came home to be mentally and physically abused by someone who promised they would never hurt a hair on my family's head because he said I set him up to get beat up at the bar. I had no idea until he told me when i got home and he's accusing my boyfriend whom I was with. The day after it all happened, he bring his ex over and tells her to attack my paralyzed mom. Then, when she's done, she can get me. I came downstairs so fast to find this man in my mother's face, so I had him and his ex follow me outside because my children did not need to see or hear any of that. He then proceeded to threaten me saying he was going to bury my entire family and that he is going to have his boys rape me up and down the street and take my kids and prostitute them out. He crossed a serious line dragging my children in. He keeps saying he is a veteran who served four years and worked in a prison for four years. What kind of person does these things? Now he's shutting off nipsco and water without giving us an eviction notice. My girls started school today. The only reason I am asking for help is because we have nowhere to go and I am afraid for our safety. He is giving a 30-day notice. We wish to relocate and be far away from him. Start fresh. I am applying for jobs as we speak, and have an interview, but I will not have the money to move in time. I do appreciate everyone who takes their time to read my story. It's only part of what I've been through in life, but I am strong and I have always risen above the water people tried drowning me in. I am not a victim, I am a warrior. 


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Doing This For My Children, MY LOVES

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Doing This For My Children, MY LOVES

Stacey Molina, on behalf of

Stacey Molina

I am asking for $5,000 to relocate and get out and get our own place. The situation my children and I are in now is not a very safe one. We can no longer be held captive and be stalked by a man who was supposed to be a friend, but turned out to a nightmare instead.

Stacey Molina

Stacey is here to overcome her obstacles and start brand new with her daughters, put the past in past and make a brighter future. Raising three teen-age daughters on her own is not easy. Every day she has a challenge and everyday she gets through it.

Portage, Indiana

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