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Disabled Vet Needs Temporary Help

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Disabled Vet Needs Temporary Help

Jim Arliss, on behalf of

Jim Arliss

I have been working and dealing with DDD for 10 years now. I am in desperate need for a Spinal Fusion Surgery to relieve my severe Sciatic nerve pain. Because I will be out of work, I am asking for $3720 which will cover my rent for no more than 6 months. Please Help!

Jim Arliss

I am a 56 yo Veteran living alone. I was laid off from work on Dec 21 due to Degenerative Disk Disease that prevented me from doing my job. Due to the need for surgery I will be unable to go back to work for a few months which will put me in a financial situation. Im asking for temporary assistance

Cross Key, Florida

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