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Crowdfunding Campaigns for Preschools

Preschools often send out weekly newsletters for parents to see what their children have been up to.  Listing the programs and projects that need funding that are outside of the budget, can rally families in support of crowdfunding campaigns. Whether they're public or private, schools can take advantage of the YouHelp platform to raise the funds they need to increase their operating budget and keep those programs running or start new ones. 

Schools, religious organizations, nonprofits, and businesses can use the YouHelp platform to accept donations or for payments for everything from admissions to events, to raffle tickets, or silent auction purchases. YouHelp also helps campaigns to know all the steps needed to host a successful crowdfunding campaign. You'll get emails with the information to help you host a successful campaign and maximize your reach to those affiliated with your organization and beyond. 



$2,125 of $5,000 raised

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