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Crowdfunding Campaigns for Historical Preservation 

Crowdfunding for Historic Preservation

Many historical landmarks are in dire need of repairs and upkeep. Nonprofit organizations have only begun to scratch the surface to crowdfund historic projects centered on restoration and renovation. Crowdfunding projects that preserve, protect and support historic sites confirm the power of the internet to rally many people to unite behind a good cause.

UHelp provides an online space for these crowdfunding campaigns to not only help create a movement to restore historic sites back to life and beyond and preserve significant places representing diverse cultural experiences, but to reenergize a deep sense of community, commitment, and passion for saving places for future generations to enjoy as well.



$545 of $100,000 raised

This Nationally recognized church will be restored, and will be dedicated as a Perpetual Adoration Chapel. A place of prayer for all who enter. Please help with the financial dema... Donate Now