Crowdfunding for Foster Care & Residential Programs

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Crowdfunding for Foster Care and Residential Programs

Charitable organizations that help neglected and abused children have turned to the UHelp crowdfunding platform to help support quality foster care and residential treatment programs. When courts remove children from thier parents due to abuse or neglect, a safe environment cannot always be found for them with relatives and friends. The children are then placed in a foster-care setting until a long-term solution including adoption or a reunification with parents is offered. 

Children in foster care offer suffer from medical, behavioral, and/or emotional conditions that leave them feeling socially isolated and depressed. Foster parents and families help to soften these issues by committing to provide a temporary safe and nurturing home that assures the needs of the children are met. In return, foster parents receive special training and ongoing assistance including extra compensation for accepting children who are difficult to place.