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Funding Sustainable Solutions for Drinking Water Crisis

In addition to our carbon footprint, researchers are looking at our “water footprint,” the amount of water it takes to support our lifestyles and our appetites, and they see that it is rising globally. Technology looks at two main ways to alleviate the impending water crises.  One is by making water-intensive processes more efficient. The other is by using technology to create fresh drinking water. 
Fresh water is the most important resource for life on earth. Almost one third of the world is already water stressed. Global climate change and exponential population growth have led to water scarcity and water shortages in major cities, which is continuing to worsen.
Taking into consideration the arid areas of the world and places with polluted and contaminated water, we need to find ways to produce a lot more fresh water.  In Peru alone, 12 million people (40% of the Peruvian population) lack access to clean drinking water and sanitation. 
If you want to help pioneer the new technologies, consider contributing to Finding Drinking Water Solutions