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Crowdfunding for Automotive and Cars

Crowdfunding for Cars

Individuals or entire communities in need of transportation to get to and from important engagements that may include employment, health, and education concerns often turn to crowdfunding to finance the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, car, truck, van or to make repairs on an existing vehicle.

Through the generosity of good people, single mothers, elderly veterans, faith-based nonprofit organizations and small business start-ups – have acquired funds online through crwodfunding.  Transportation issues that once seemed to be unmanageable became possible., a free crowdfunding website, makes crowdfunding for a car simple: create a profile, a fundraising goal, add high resolution images and a compelling message that potential donors will find worthwhile -- and launch. If the idea is deserving, and the crowdfunding campaign is promoted properly, contributors will pledge their support.



$5 of $10,000 raised

Our initiative An angel on the shoulder allows financially struggling individuals to make sure they can get to work. Our mission is to offer free auto repair services during COVID1... Donate Now