Crowdfunding for Cancer Treatments

Crowdfunding for Cancer Treatments

Crowdfunding campaigns that solicit donations to help defray the cost of treatments can be a life-saver for many cancer patients. Crowdfunding for cancer treatment on YouHelp is not only a way to raise much-needed funds, but campaigns can also serve as a stage to foster a sense of community and support during a difficult time., a free fundraising website, offers the best in crowdfunding capabilities to cancer patients and their families and friends who wish to make public appeals for donations that will help overcome the financial weight of treatment. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms that charge a fee ranging from about 3 to 8 percent of each donation, YouHelp is free. How does YouHelp sustain itself? Donors have the option of adding a “tip”  for YouHelp, to their donation to defray the cost of maintaining this unique fundraising platform. 




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