Contribution Perks

When you create a crowdfunding campaign, you have the option of adding perks as an incentive for people to donate.

Here are some examples of perks that have been used before:

Tangible Perks:

  •  A Copy of the Thing First Edition.

  •  Access to Your Project-Like a Ticket to Show

  •  T-shirt, Caps, Bumpers Stickers, etc.

  •  Small Thank You Gifts

  •  A Premium Reward For Large Contributor

Intangible Perks:

  •  A Copy of The Thing.

  •  A Thank You  

  •  Special Credit In a Book or on a Wall

  •  A Photo

  •  Access To Your Project

  •  Participation In The Project

  •  Personal Connection

YouHelp Perks:

  • YouHelp Pen & Stylus Tip

  • YouHelp Enjoy The Power Of Giving T-Shirt

  • Love Life Honor Peace T-Shirt




Once your campaign is active, you will be able to set up all of the perks here: