Composer, Teacher Needs New Piano

Composer, Teacher Needs New Piano

VERY NEAR THE GOAL. PLEASE HELP.The cost in total is approximately $15,599 for a new CVP 809 GP +$1,000  for repairs to insure a working piano for Alyssum. Of that, $8,300.00 is raised.  An additional committed contribution of  $5,500 is contingent upon a successful campaign. Total needed to rais... Read More

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The cost in total is approximately $15,599 for a new CVP 809 GP +$1,000  for repairs to insure a working piano for Alyssum. Of that, $8,300.00 is raised.  An additional committed contribution of  $5,500 is contingent upon a successful campaign. Total needed to raise now = ~$3,200

Had the coronavirus not struck, a small increase in student lessons and a good performance of some assets reserved for my future security, might have covered this purchase. Debt from health expenses and with COVID 19 however,  potential savings for me to contribute are no longer a possibility.   Coronavirus is directly related to the reasons I turn to grants for help. To not only save my business, but enhance my business to be more effective and profitable in the future.  

Thank you for your contribution. 

Your donation will have a double impact. Alyssum, a peer run respite for those with PTSD will be the recipient of the donation of the CVP 309GP,  that I have now. (With an extra $1,000 for moving, needed repairs and the purchase of some music books, they will have free a piano that once repaired will serve them well.) 

I suffer PTSD, however, I am admired for my ability to use what happened to me to help others. Particularly, to help others understand the lifelong benefits of learning to make music, to play music, to continue to enjoy music. Along with my extensive research on PTSD and trauma recovery, I also began studying the psychology of music in 1981, while a student at the Eastman School of Music. Hence, my interest in helping Alyssum. 

What do I offer? A studio for trumpet, trombone, piano, and voice students. The page of recommendations on my website, 

will confirm I receive only five-star ratings.

Then, online sales of software reproduced audio files and scores of my compositions, and graphics of various quotes  used in lessons over the years. For example:   "Music is easy. The hard part is finding out what's easy."

Additionally. many of my students have either suggested or asked me to write a book about my teaching methods. I blog about these things, found at 

 I am composing a four-act Opera entitled, HURT.   I estimate completion in about 14 months. The opera is about the recovery of a Gay Youth from the trauma of homophobia and the tragedy that remains we once hurt one another.

The new piano will create an interface with my computer, both to playback my compositions through the superior sampling on the piano and register in notation right from the piano when I play. I had that capacity with the 309 until they discontinued updates. With this new burst of creativity and my compositions, it makes sense to go with the 809 GP. 

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Composer, Teacher Needs New Piano

$8,299 of $15,000

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Composer, Teacher Needs New Piano

Stuart Carter, on behalf of

Stuart Carter

A Yamaha Clavinova, an upgrade and update for a teaching studio, new covid/online procedures and composing. $15,999. for a Yamaha Clavinova CVP 809GP. W/O this risks losing my studio and composing business.+ $1,000 for repair on older 309 for donation to Alyssum, a respite for survivors.

Stuart Carter

Stuart, an educator since 1976 teaches trumpet, trombone, piano and voice, accompanies his students he composes. Ohio Wesleyan Univ. and Eastman School of Music 1982, Stuart uses his education and research of the psychology of music to benefit students. Private and Public School experience.

BTV, Vermont

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    I believe in forward-looking upgrades.

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    You have been a gifted, dedicated teacher, consummate professional and mentor for many years to Nils and Heather. I can’t thank you enough.

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    most appreciated.

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    Very grateful for an Artist Development Grant Award.

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