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Children's Ward For A Village Clinic

$1,270 of $15,000

raised from 5 people

Children's Ward For A Village Clinic

Derrick Aboagye, on behalf of

International Medical Associates For Global Health Empowerment

IMAGHE Inc is seeking to raise $15000 to build and equip a children's ward for an underserved community in the Central Region of Ghana.

Derrick Aboagye

Derrick Aboagye is the President of International Medical Associates for Global Health Empowerment Inc, a parent organization for IMAGHE Ghana. IMAGHE Ghana has over 300 volunteered healthcare workers who administer free health screening and health services to underserved communities in Africa.

Newport News, Virginia

Recent Donations

  • $10.00

    Ange Syntyche

    4 months ago

    May God continue to bless you!

  • $1,000.00

    Tetteh Addo

    7 months ago

    God bless IMAGHE for such a great initiative

  • $50.00


    7 months ago

    Excited to be part of this initiative .

  • $200.00

    David Antwi

    7 months ago

  • $10.00

    Belinda Ofori

    8 months ago

    Great Cause