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Changing The World One At At Time

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Changing The World One At At Time

Rosemarie Cargill, on behalf of

Make It Happen International Agency

I am asking for $50,000.00 to help kickstart my project of helping students in Jamaica who are brilliant academically who do not have the means to continue education abroad. would like to help to offer scholarships to students who need help. Help me make this a possibility.

Rosemarie Cargill

I am passionate about educating the young people of our nation. I started my company 4 years with the vision to help as many Caribbean young person between the age 18-21 years old to help them achieve their dream of receiving higher education in Canada, USA or the United Kingdom. I am a Jamaican -Canadian who wants to help educated one individual at a time.


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    Cheryl Allen

    August 24,2020

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