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Certifying Nursing Assistants For Elders

$30 of $100,000

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Certifying Nursing Assistants For Elders

Kerri Dutton, on behalf of

CNA Now Corporation

I am seeking donations to improve the workforce crisis in NH. Our elders need more care givers. Most people are willing to receive the education and enter the workforce, but can not afford to do so. Your donations can help those wishing to work in healthcare to receive education and become employed.

Kerri Dutton

Kerri is a masters prepared nurse with over 25 years experience in long term care. Kerri has been educating nursing assistants for over 10 years with a 100 pass rate on the State exam CNA Now was founded to continue quality education and opportunities for those wanting to enter the healthcare field.

Deering, New Hampshire

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    January 01,2020

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