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Busy Beez Playhouse LLC

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Busy Beez Playhouse LLC

Lanonia Johnson, on behalf of

Busy Beez Playhouse LLC

Busy Beez Playhouse LLC will provide the community with late daycare services, free meals, Headstart, kindergarten, middle school classes. This nonprofit organization will also offer important resources to parents about financial planning, exercise classes, and health & nutrition with guest speakers

Lanonia Johnson

Busy Beez Playhouse LLC is a 501c3, nonprofit organization that is focused on the education, safety, and security of children and families. This unique daycare and family outreach program considers not only the well being of children but the entire family because parents have the strongest influence on how children grow and develop. Busy Beez Playhouse LLC daycare programs are divided into three separate programs Infant care 6 weeks old-1year, Head Start 2 years-4 years, and elementary 5 years-12 years old.

Independence, Louisiana

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