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Building Self Reliance In Africa

$1,065 of $2,500

raised from 4 people

Building Self Reliance In Africa

Rodney Ashby, on behalf of

International Career Enhancement and Enterprise Development Foundation

We at IDEA GLOBAL would very much appreciate your contribution. Additional funding is needed right away. We plan to put the money to work this fall. You can follow our progress on We will soon have a Vlog showing what we have done and how it has blessed the local people .

Rodney Ashby

Rodney Ashby is a strong willed business man who is driven to succeed. He also has a very go ability to work with others and help them to succeed.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Recent Donations

  • $25.00

    Elizabeth Rawlings

    November 09,2017

    This is an amazing venture. I wish you continued success in your efforts.

  • $1,000.00


    November 04,2017

    What a great effort. We hope you are successful in helping them be successful!

  • $25.00

    Rose Ashby

    October 20,2017

  • $15.00

    Rodney Ashby

    October 06,2017

    Thank you for your efforts.