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Building QASSH For Us

$75 of $15,000

raised from 2 people

Building QASSH For Us

VICKIE WOODARD, on behalf of

Melosong Properties Innc

Your donation will directly impact housing quality for low income residents in the small city of England, AR. Our goal over the next six years is to rehab 100 beautiful homes in England, AR which will help strengthen the economy and appeal of small town living. Help us be the change we want to see.


Vickie Woodard is a Christian songwriter, musician & entrepreneur working to impact her community with QASSH Quality Affordable Safe Stylish Housing. Her company acquired distressed, abandoned homes and renovates them to become warm places to call home. Her niche serves low income families and second market serves traveling workers who reside for 30-180 days in short term rental homes.

Little Rock, Arkansas

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    BJ Woods

    December 02,2020

    God is good!

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    Abraham Woodard

    November 27,2020