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Build A Home To Victims Of Landslides UG

$20 of $5,000

raised from 3 people

Build A Home To Victims Of Landslides UG

Nsubuga Rashid, on behalf of

The People Affected By Landslides In Bududa Region Eastern Uganda.

*A Home To Victims Of Landslides In Uganda* These people were born and raised here, They have been affected by the landslides, people have lost their lives, property, family. In the process they get displaced, confused stranded, starved with nothing to hold onto, No one to run to, $5000 can change.

Nsubuga Rashid

Nsubuga Rashid is the founder of Nerve to serve, a humanitarian development agency whose sole focus is to ensure that young people grow up with and develop leadership, technical, innovation and life skills to thrive and not merely survive in life.

INTERNATIONAL: Bududa District , UG

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    Kinene Pike

    June 30,2019

    Great job