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Bring Kids Into Nature

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Bring Kids Into Nature

Sachi Plummer, on behalf of

Mother Nature's Temple

Our mission is simple. To connect people with nature. In order to do so we can put tons of money to work. Our programs are for kids, youth and people in the low and middle Income class. Coastal accommodations and activities are costly and in order to facilitate those we ask for generous donations.

Sachi Plummer

Sachis vision is to enhance the quality of life for underprivileged groups, so they can enjoy the California Coast, Redwoods and Nature through outings on Canoes and Catamaran Boat, Nature Camps and Hikes. And stay overnight at the Coast. In order to facilitate this Sachi started this campaign.

Cambria, California

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    September 19,2019

    Because kids need Nature. We all need Nature to stay healthy, happy and wise!