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Brighter Outlooks 4 Our Homeless Youth

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Brighter Outlooks 4 Our Homeless Youth

Yolanda Castillo, on behalf of

American Family Housing

AFH strives to teach our youth the tools needed to overcome barriers focusing on outcomes resulting from hard work and perseverance. Youth Power teaches youth how we make it happen through community-based programs, dynamic partnerships and proven models that can help to stay on track and focused.

Yolanda Castillo

FH HistoryFor every homeless person you see on the street, there are thousands more you dont see men, women, teens, and children who struggle every day just to survive. At American Family Housing, we give our neighbors what they so desperately need the opportunity to live in stable housing so they can have a better life.Established in 1985, AFH has been in service to communities in the Southern California for 32 years. What began as one home in Santa Ana and a food distribution project in Westminster has co

Midway City, California

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